Solomon Oil Lamp

Solomon is made of a hand-cut Javanese Jadeite stone, transformed into a clean designed oil lamp. 
  • Materials: River stone and recycled aluminum
  • Color: Stone gray
  • Made in Indonesia
  • For outdoor use only
  • Dimensions: 6" x 7" x 6"*
  • Lamp oil not included
  • *Size may vary slightly due to natural variations of the stones.

    The following fuel sources are approved for use with our oil lamps:

    1. Non-dyed (clear) kerosene
    2. Klean-Heat™kerosene substitute
    3. Standard clear lamp oil
    4. Citronella oil (outdoor use only)

    Never use the following in any wick lamp or lantern of any type:

    1. Gasoline
    2. Coleman Fuel
    3. White gas
    4. Paint thinner (aka mineral spirits)
    5. Wood alcohol
    6. Naptha
    7. Turpentine
    8. Benzene
    9. Paraffin oil
    10. Olive oil
    11. Bio-diesel
    12. Any other explosive fuel

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